GD Print Silk Scarf 65

€90 €195
Color: Camel/Brown


Crafted from silk twill and finished with meticulously hand-rolled edges, this scarf is a testament to 100% pure silk luxury.

A quintessential Giodoro accessory, it captures the spirit of profound elegance and captivating allure. The iconic 65 scarf stands as a celebration of endless creative liberty, a wealth of deep emotions, and an invitation to articulate an individual story yet to unfold.


100% Mulberry Silk


It measures approximately 65x65cm. Due to its handcrafted nature, the exact size of each scarf may slightly differ.


Maintain your silk's allure by laying it flat and keeping it unknotted. Steer clear of exposure to rain, water, and any chemicals. For cleaning, rely on the expertise of a professional dry cleaning service.

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